Pioneers of New Dawn (PoND) is an MMO set in the persistent world of New Dawn. Healed centuries after a global ecological disaster, it beckons Pioneers, descendants of its former inhabitants, to explore, surveying remnants of the past and rebuilding civilization in balance with the environment. From establishing settlements and trade networks to creating thriving colonies, they seek to leave their mark on New Dawn, writing a new chapter for humanity - together.



Surveying Kits allow Pioneers to assess the ecological, geological and meteorological characteristics of an area. Data provides a snapshot in time, subject to change due to player impact and dynamic nature. As Pioneers advance, their kits evolve, offering more detailed and valuable information.



In New Dawn, the world constantly strives to return to its pristine, untouched state. As Pioneers, every structure established faces this natural pushback. Building isn't just about construction, but finding balance with a dynamic, responsive landscape. To craft successful settlements, Pioneers must adapt to and align their efforts with the environment, creating a true PvE experience.



Rapid geological mechanisms produce diverse resources, shaped by nature and extraction. Areas rich in one resource may later present a different one, ensuring an ever-evolving, unpredictable landscape.



Flora regenerates at different rates, shaped by natural factors and rarity. The generation of flora not previously found post-harvest can shift a biome's resources, creating dynamic environmental variability.



Pioneers must factor in the meteorological environment. Weather affects building durability and can hasten decay.  For instance, establishing a settlement in a resource-rich valley is beneficial, but if this location has high wind-exposure, it will demand more upkeep.  Balancing resource needs with weather challenges adds strategic depth.


The goal of Pioneers is to build lasting settlements, maintaining them against the environment's natural pushback. The core challenge lies in harmonizing Pioneer-made structures with the world's innate desire to reclaim them.

To do this, Pioneers must be strategic, avoiding excessive resource extraction,  selecting tech advancements with the most direct benefits, and safeguard their structures from nature's wear and tear. This sets the stage for progression, automation, and expansion.


Players can record practical and social data, marking Pioneers’ outposts, trade routes, relics and more on their maps. They can also add travel points and use data tools to uncover resources other settlements might need or projects calling for support. 



Pioneers are encouraged to expand infrastructure while ensuring a balanced resource flow, vital for ambitious projects and growth. By adding residents, strengthening trade networks, and employing automation, settlements can evolve into successful, interconnected communities.

The goal is not to survive, but to thrive.

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