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Pioneering a New Era of MMO Gameplay

Creating deeply immersive virtual realms where players can impact the world around them in meaningful and compelling ways is at the heart of our design philosophy at Arctic Theory.


About Us

Arctic Theory was founded by long-time industry veterans. Together with a team of talented game industry professionals, they strive to elevate the MMO genre, breaking from established norms to create novel, immersive ways for players to engage in virtual worlds.

More about the studio
Photograph of the Arctic Theory office building.
photograph of 3 Arctic Theory team members working together around a table.

Our Team

Driven by a unified love for games, innovation, and creativity, Arctic Theory is committed to creating a workspace where colleagues can thrive and realize their greatest potential.

How we operate

A sandbox MMO set in the persistent world of New Dawn, a planet rejuvenated and ready for exploration and settlement centuries after a global ecological disaster.

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